My name is Simon Edward Penrowe, I am a machinist and the first person to have used a free abrasive process to improve the surface geometry of a CPU and its water block for the purpose of increasing the thermal conductivity of the system by removing the need for any thermal interface material between the surfaces.

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The performance improvements this yields are rather dramatic, this video covers the results of thermal tests conducted on a #Timless system: (This is a placeholder for now, stay tuned)

If you wish to understand the lapping process in detail I also encourage you to watch the following:

The lapping performed by me is accomplished using a set of lapping plates and diamond abrasives, not the usual nonsense involving sand paper which is what non-machinists usually think of when they speak of lapping in the context of PC hardware. In real world terms the difference is that a properly lapped CPU will be at least two orders of magnitude closer to ideal flatness than the best result sandpaper can produce. This is what makes #Timless operation possible.