Welcome to the home of the first true lapping service for PC enthusiasts. Remove the need for thermal paste and enjoy the full benefits of #Timless cooling. No mess, no stress.

To make use of my service, fill out the form and then send in your CPU, water block and a return shipping label.

The lapping process for a CPU and waterblock takes two days to get both within a flatness error of 0.3µm, measurements are verified using a master optical flat.
Payment can be sent either via Paypal, Swish or by crypto. Don’t forget to include your name with your payment so it can be linked to your order.

If you want me to lap only a CPU or waterblock the rate is $150 for AMD AM4 and Intel LGA 1XXX-2XXX processors and their associated cooling hardware. $200 is the rate for single AMD Threadripper/Epyc and Intel LGA 3647 processors or their associated water blocks due to them having more than double the surface area of mainstream desktop parts.


The process of lapping a CPU necessarily removes the nickel plating from the IHS, removing all information etched onto the IHS by the manufacturer such as the serial number, this will void your warranty.

While I can guarantee that the thermal conductivity of two lapped copper surfaces in direct contact with each other far exceeds the same with thermal paste or liquid metal in between I am unable to guarantee that your particular CPU will hit a specific performance target as a result of the lapping process. Variations in silicon quality, workloads and cooling systems make it impossible to say with certainty how big of an impact you will experience. As a general rule of thumb, heavier workloads paired with greater total system cooling capacity will result in greater performance differences under timless operation. Use of my service guarantees surface geometry, not GHz.

Lapping of any LGA CPU is pointless unless the ILM (socket latch) is removed as the unevenly applied clamping force is enough to deform the IHS by many microns.

Use of thermal paste on a lapped surface risks degradation of the finish to the point where timless operation is no longer feasible.

While possible, the added difficulty and resultant time requirement for lapping tower coolers makes such endeavors entirely unreasonable. Any tower cooler sent to me will be returned unmodified and the lapping fee refunded. If you really want me to make an exception then contact me first before taking anything to the post office.

Make sure any waterblock you send is cleaned before packing it up. The first thing I will do upon arrival is seal the inlet and outlet to prevent any ingress of debris or oil if those openings are not already plugged. Once lapped it will be all but impossible to disassemble the block for cleaning and then reassemble it again with the exact same pressure applied to the cold plate by seals and screws.